In the beginning of time, the All-God Kral forged the world from the elements, and bent Chaos into Order. The humans of the world lived in prosperity in a utopian land, but war erupted before long among the numerous nations. On the dawn of the second millennium since the world’s founding, a cataclysm, known today as “The Exposure,” decimated the continent and nearly eliminated all life. Kral managed to save his creations, but not before they had been exposed to the raw power of the elements, leaving them forever changed into elemental “tribes.”

Many years later, as The Exposure fades into memory, one man grew from humble roots into a terrifying enemy of the world, supposedly claimed and empowered by Chaos itself. His name, forever scarred into the tomes of history: Lur’Dal. One former friend of this madmen scoured the world for paragons of each of the tribes to band together and defeat his schemes. And so Lur’dal was indeed defeated, but not before claiming many lives including his friend.

Again, time continues. Lur’Dal has passed into near legend and myth, and the six who banded together have ascended to become gods. The Ice Tribe mobilizes against the world, tensions are high among all nations, and strange occurrences have arisen globally. It is time new heroes rose to the call.

Resurgeance of Chaos